Sunday, March 13, 2016

Right Order, Not Trump, Is the Target

Trump rallies in Chicago, St Louis, and Dayton have been targets of the Left.

Trump is only the current excuse for the Left.  You can--and should--expect this sort of violence to follow the (R) Presidential nominee no matter who it is after the convention.  "Trump" is merely the current excuse.

The attack is on Right Order, just as it has been for centuries.  As it pertains to recent US politics, this is a replay of the Chicago (D) convention riots but wearing different t-shirts, and it is now--just as it was then--only a small minority of actors.  They begin with repulsive tactics such as spitting and screeching, and--if those are not enough--they escalate to violence.  (We had a foreshadowing in Wisconsin during the Act 10 period.)

The entire objective is to provoke retaliatory action.  Some Trump supporters have unwittingly(?) cooperated with The Left and given them exactly that.  Trump himself is confused about what's at play here--he thinks it's all about The Donald.  He's wrong.  It's about Right Order.

And it will not cease soon.

UPDATE:  This woman gets it, too.


Anonymous said...

I went to vote today, I did it.
I do not like voting for Harvard Educated folks.
I don't like voting for Lawyers.
I do not like Goldman Sachs either
but I plugged my nose and did it anyway.

Cruz has been steadfast in his principles.
not sure if it will make much of a difference in Ohio though....

Anonymous said...

I voted against Rob Portman and Brad Wenstrup

Wenstrup voted for the Cromibus 1.1 trillion Spending bill​
Note, this bill totally funded planned parenthood and therefore he lost the endorsement of the Cincinnati Right to life Political action Committee endorsement.

Here is the lame tweet he posted at the time of the vote that made me determined to vote against him.

Brad Wenstrup
1 hr

The process continues to be broken, and I understand why so many are skeptical of big bills coming out of Congress. Seven years of a White House that shirks basic obligations has left Americans demanding that their government act in accordance with the system set forth by our framers.

I voted for this bill because it provides critical funding for Ohio and our national defense. Our military and troops are fully funded, which is a victory against an administration that wants to see a smaller, weaker American military. We also secured essential funding to continue cleaning up nuclear contamination in southern Ohio, a project that impacts five counties across the second district.

Moreover, important provisions protect everyday Ohioans and taxpayers by preventing Obamacare bailouts of health insurance companies, tightening the security of our visa waiver program, and continuing strong pro-life protections.

The system is broken under President Obama. The House of Representatives can and will fix what so many in Ohioans distrust in Washington D.C., and I’ll continue fighting for a government that is more accountable and responsive to the needs of all Americans..........