Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Does Paul Ryan Have Any Credibility?

Not ONE 'budget reform' since 2011.  In fact, nothing but increased spending.

That was during Ryan's Budget and Ways/Means reigns.

Should he blame it all on McConnell?  Obozo?

Or just admit that he's a master of FooFooDust Blowing?

While the Republican budget was supposed to preserve the BCA spending levels for 2016, that was not the plan for 2017.  Instead, the Republican budget promised to cut spending even further.  Whereas the BCA set a cap of $1.04 trillion in spending for 2017, the Republican budget demanded $1.013 trillion – a $27 billion dollar cut. 
What did the Republicans deliver?  Not only did they completely capitulate on the budget of $1.013 trillion for 2017, but they surrendered on the BCA levels too!  In December 2015, they made an agreement with Obama to increase the 2017 statutory cap levels to $1.07 trillion. In other words, the Republican balanced budget that promised us $27 billion in cuts for 2017 instead gave us $57 billion in spending increases relative to the budget ($30 billion more relative to BCA levels).
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