Monday, March 07, 2016

Can Even Ted Cruz Take Down the Leviathan?

Ted Cruz--unlike The Donald--seems to be firmly opposed to The Leviathan now cozily ensconced in D.C.  But one wonders if even Ted Cruz can take down enough of that monster.

Besides the rogue Warren-animal discussed below (CFPB), we have FCC and FTC.  Why are they relevant today?

Ask Google's execs:  somebody made sure that Google will live long and prosper.

...“The head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s Wireline Competition Bureau offered a long-awaited peek this week inside the thinking behind the agency’s forthcoming privacy rules for broadband….The bureau chief repeated the rules will only apply to (Internet Service Provider) ISPs – edge providers like Google, Amazon, and Facebook will stay within the realm of the (Federal Trade Commission) FTC.”

Get that? The FCC is about to drop the hammer on ISPs – severely proscribing what they can do with the data they collect. While leaving completely alone Google – to continue their HUGE data-selling business-as-usual....

Demolition of The Leviathan may take a helluvalot longer than eight years, even for an Administration equipped with chainsaws and tactical nukes--and willing to use them.


Anonymous said...

Take down Leviathan? uh mmm ....he is to much a part of Leviathan to take it down.

His wife, Heidi Cruz has been employed by Goldman Sachs since 2005. She is currently on leave.
Heidi Cruz is a member of the LEFTIST council on foreign relations, advocates of world Government and a New World Order.
Ted Cruz was George Bush’s top policy adviser.
Ted Cruz was in the federal Trade Commission.
Ted and Heidi met when they were both Bush staffers.
Cruz advised on legal affairs and Heidi on economic policy for the bush administration

Dad29 said...

Well, yes. There is background baggage. It's possible that Cruz is just playing at "conservative;" it's also possible that he saw the Beast close-up and is repelled by it.

But then there's this: who else? Trump is on the verge of going full-wacko-nutbag, Kasich is a Boehner-ite when you come right down to it, and----that's it.