Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How D.H.S. Perverts Research

Norm Matloff (a D-voting guy) is a professor of statistics at U.C. and has a large body of work concerning immigration policy, particularly the H1-B corner of that world.  His research is clear and compelling:  the "best and brightest" line is .....well......poppycock.  It's an excuse to import and hire cheap labor and put US citizens out of work, or in the case of college grads, keep them from getting work in the first place.  Think 'Disney'.

D.H.S., guided by large-money lobbyists from Intel, Google, Facebook (and others) could not disprove his research.

So they perverted it.

This is what you get when the Government is too large and too distant.  It does not serve the interests of its own population; it serves political aims and friends.  This is "crony capitalism" or "the D.C. Cabal."

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