Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Priggish Paul Ryan Whistles Past His Cemetery

Priggish Paul Ryan goes for the sanctimony award while daintily dancing around the real problem.

...“I guess I’d make two points about these…this violence in these rallies. First, there’s obviously an effort by some in the left to shut down these rallies and to stir unrest. We should never condone that. We have a long history of peaceful protest, but creating this kind of drama isn’t good for anybody and it’s unacceptable. At the same time I think the candidates–I think the candidates need to take responsibility for the environment at their events. There’s never an excuse for condoning violence or even a culture that presupposes it.

“We just need to reject, not only violence in very clear terms, but I think you’re right about the tone of the campaign. Look, people are angry. People have looked at the last seven years and they are understandably very anxious, very frustrated and hurting....

Nice try, Paul.  Up to "seven years" you were doing OK.

Want to go for the whole truth next time, Paul?  How about the misbegotten failure called "nation-building"? Or the horrific Federalization of education called "No Child Left Behind"?  Or about blowing a fiscal hole into Medicare with a new drug benefit?

And about those 'seven years,' Paul--how about the Top Ten Betrayals you, Boehner, and McConnell engineered in the "last seven years"?

Put your priggish sanctimony where the sun never shines, Paul.  

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