Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A "Failed Democracy" Here?

Scalia laid it on the line:  the 'roll over play dead' Congress is a grave problem.

...From the back of the room, I asked Justice Scalia whether, notwithstanding Windsor’s limited precedential value, the threat to the separation of powers from “executive non-enforcement” had grown critical. In the wake of Windsor, had it become easier for the president not only to decline to defend laws that he found objectionable, but to decline to enforce laws that he found objectionable? It is, after all, one thing for the president to refuse to defend a law because he considers it unconstitutional. It is quite another for the president to refuse to enforce a law because he considers it bad policy—which is precisely what President Obama has tried to do with respect to federal immigration and drug law. Was there any basis, I asked, upon which the Supreme Court might rule on the constitutionality of executive non-enforcement?

It all depends on Congress, Justice Scalia responded—and “if Congress doesn’t do its job and challenge the president,” he said, “what we have is a failed democracy.” The blow landed. The room fell silent. The moderator called for a break....

Well, yes.

Consider again the spineless, supine, scared little bunnies in Congressional "leadership" over the last several years (and before, for that matter.)  They regularly cave in to Obama on matters great and small, just as they did with GWBush. 

The revolutionaries now aiming their fire at Paul Ryan have a case, argued by Antonin Scalia.  Let's hope that the ballot-revolution is the only one we'll need.

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