Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Why the GOP Establishment Hates The Donald

Yesterday morning a Milwaukee squawker declared that The Donald was a Democrat plant.  So happens that Ace (of AOSHQ) thinks the same way.  Well, maybe that's so.

But there's a better reason for the stark raving fear and mud-slinging from the Establishment.

...The idea that Donald Trump is so damaging to the GOP brand is itself laughable because the GOP has worked rather well in destroying its own brand. When the upper echelons of the party declare outright war on its conservative peers and its conservative voting base (which is much larger than its moderate base), you see what happens to the party. Rife with division, we have a GOP establishment that has constantly pushed out weak candidates with more than just “moderate” leanings and fought tooth and nail to keep conservative candidates out of multiple races. It is very clearly in the pocket of major corporate interests and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, but accuses its opponents of being in it for the money....

Hello, Healthcare RoJo!  Hello, Paul (budget-buster) Ryan!! (Don't have space to list the rest, sorry....)

...The GOP has done everything it can to either not fight (or, at times, support) blanket, executive amnesty, the likes of which is a clear overreach of the powers of the executive branch. Their lack of action on an issue that could easily win back a chunk of their support proves they have no clear grasp of how to handle an electorate that is slowly but surely becoming more and more active in electoral politics....

Cheap labor is good.  War is peace.  

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