Wednesday, July 08, 2015

IRS + DOJ: Convert Cash to Ammo, Now

Have cash in the bank?  401(k)? Other Gummint-accessible spots?  Conservative?

Prolly time to start converting into hard assets like guns and ammo.

...Records also detail how the Obama IRS gave the FBI 21 computer disks, containing 1.25 million pages of confidential IRS returns from 113,000 nonprofit social 501(c)(4) welfare groups – or nearly every 501(c)(4) in the United States – as part of its prosecution effort. According to a letter from then-House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, “This revelation likely means that the IRS – including possibly Lois Lerner – violated federal tax law by transmitting this information to the Justice Department.”

Or maybe you're counting on McConnell/Boehner to call for impeachment of the IRS' Koskinen and various DOJ executives?  Or for them to cut off Lerner's pension and benefits?

In that case, you are beyond stupid.

HT:  Moonbattery

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