Friday, July 31, 2015

Cdl. Dolan's Priority Problem

Sometimes someone does the right thing, but does NOT do the REALLY right thing.

That's Cardinal Dolan of NYC.  Again.  The fellow has a priority problem.

This week, he compared The Donald's immigration stance to the Know-Nothings and the KKK--both of which were anti-Catholic, and "nativist."  

But Cardinal Dolan of NYC did not have the time to say one (internet searchable) word about Planned Parenthood's Holocaust-and-Mengele practice.

In fact, the Cardinal has a few more things upside-down, or inverted, or whatever, on those two issues.

He sorta concedes that 'regulating immigration' is licit while failing to mention that the problem here--today--is totally UN-regulated immigration.  He justifiably condemns the attitude that immigrants are (mostly) dirty, unwashed, criminals while failing to mention that the State of Texas's crime problem with illegals is very serious, indeed. 

On the other hand......

The Cardinal served as the Grand Marshal of this year's St Paddy's Day parade--and that parade refused to allow a pro-life group to march.  Why?  Because (apparently) the pro-life group would 'bother' the pro-homosexual bunch who were in the same parade.

Oh, really?  So the Cardinal thinks that the homosexuals are Special Snowflakes Deserving Protection from--what?--vicious, bomb-throwing, bullying pro-lifers? 

Are the pro-lifers also "dirty, unwashed, criminals", Cardinal?

Perhaps the Cardinal should spend a little more time reflecting on priorities, the first of which is "life."  Liberty and the pursuit of happiness are nice, but the Framers had their priorities straight, even though they were (largely) Protestants.

Just sayin'

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