Monday, July 27, 2015

It Ain't Only the Ladies

Here's a short essay which should be made into sermon material.  Has to do with boob-shots at Mass.

But it's not only "the ladies."  The number of men who show up for Mass wearing shorts is mind-boggling.  Why bother with the nicely-pressed dress short-sleeved shirt?  Why not just yesterday's t-shirt?

Some of you are stuffed shirts during the work-week.  So do you show up at your law office wearing those shorts?  Think your clientele will take you seriously if you do?

What about God?  Will He?


jvc said...

Oh my goodness, one of my pet peeves. The thing that I cannot believe, as a single guy, is how many women who are clearly dressed up will show up with a guy who has shorts or jeans, often with sandals, maybe a polo at best, never tucked in.

GOR said...

Agreed, Dad. In my parish for the most part women tend to dress better than men for Mass. Yes, all the usual – shorts, jeans, T-shirts, sandals – just like a backyard barbecue.

But good example is lacking, as the celebrants don’t vest properly for Mass either: no Chasuble, just Alb and Stole like Protestant ministers.

On one occasion, not even that – just a stole over a suit (at least the suit was black and Father did have a Roman Collar on…).