Friday, July 03, 2015

Seeing Your Legislator on the Fourth?

Here's a news item.

...“The language of the motion is incredibly broad, giving legislators a near-blanket exemption from the Open Records Law,” said Tom Kamenick, open government expert at WILL. “The new deliberative process exemption would be just as bad, allowing the government at all levels to hide the decision-making process from public oversight.”...

Your Leggies will be doing their best to imitate real people on the 4th of July, finding a few parades to sashay along in.

When you see one of the Pubbies, sidle up close and say "TranSParency!!"

If you have juiced up your tongue just right and make a little effort on the "sp", you'll spit right into his/her face.

They deserve it.

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