Tuesday, July 07, 2015

More Revenooers for Wisconsin!!

We owe the existence of NASCAR to the existence of "revenooers"--that is, tax agents.

Scott Walker likes them revenooers, too!  So he'll hire a bunch of them to finance the Bucks' new playground.

...This year, in his proposed 2015 – 2017 state budget, Walker asked the legislature to approve $27.2 million in funding to hire 113 new Department of Revenue agents. Most of these agents, 102, are going to be used to “increase auditing activity and improve tax collections.” The remaining 11 agents will be used to “improve the collection of debts owed to state agencies and other governmental entities” according to a Legislative Fiscal Bureau analysis....

Pay particular attention to the red-highlighted sentence.  Remember that Milwaukee County signed over its uncollectable tax accounts to Wisconsin as the County's "contribution" to the new Bucks' playground?

Figure about $60K/revenue agent/year all-in, with benefits, pensions, and expenses.  So now  how much will the State pay for the County's "contribution"?  About $660,000/year.  That's to collect $4 million/year, which is to say that the State will only net $3.3 million.  That's IF the money is actually collected and IF those new agents never get a raise.


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