Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New "Smart Technology" Hijacking Reports

So you all heard that a hacker can literally shut off your Chrysler Corp (FCA) vehicle, right?

...Though I hadn’t touched the dashboard, the vents in the Jeep Cherokee started blasting cold air at the maximum setting, chilling the sweat on my back through the in-seat climate control system. Next the radio switched to the local hip hop station and began blaring Skee-lo at full volume. I spun the control knob left and hit the power button, to no avail. Then the windshield wipers turned on, and wiper fluid blurred the glass....I mentally congratulated myself on my courage under pressure. That’s when they cut the transmission. Immediately my accelerator stopped working. As I frantically pressed the pedal and watched the RPMs climb, the Jeep lost half its speed, then slowed to a crawl. This occurred just as I reached a long overpass, with no shoulder to offer an escape....

Oh, there's more!!  Have an Iphone?  Android phone?

Following news that iOS devices are at risk of spyware related to the Hacking Team, the saga continues into the Android sphere. We found that among the leaked files is the code for Hacking Team’s open-source malware suite RCSAndroid (Remote Control System Android), which was sold by the company as a tool for monitoring targets.

The RCSAndroid code can be considered one of the most professionally developed and sophisticated Android malware ever exposed. The leak of its code provides cybercriminals with a new weaponized resource for enhancing their surveillance operations.  (HT:  Ticker)

Not done yet!!

Someone who researched NSA/FBI domestic spying learned that those entities (along with DEA, DHS, and any State/Local LEO agency) can order GM to "turn on" the microphone above your head, whether your OnStar is active or not.  That way, they can listen to every word said in your GM car.

Kinda reminds me of an old novel with a character called "Big Brother."  YMMV.

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