Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Scott Walker Government-Boy Runaround

It is reported that a number of anti-Common Core groups--Libertarians, teachers, Eagle Forum, and Tea Party--have called out Scott Walker for his runaround on Common Core.

Why yes, he doesn't want Common Core.  Of course!

But the test he has installed is Common Core, renamed "Badger Some-Damn-Thing-or-Another."

Between the stench of this doubletalk, his "None of Your Damn Business" government-secrecy act, and his go limp mouthing on queer "marriage," Walker is showing his real self:  Another Nice Government Boy.

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Aged parent said...

Well, of course. What Sheldon Adelson wants, Sheldon Adelson gets. And Scott has already made his pilgrimage to Las Vegas and kissed the ______(use whatever word you like) of Mr Adelson.

Sheldon likes queer "marriage" a lot, in case anyone as forgotten.