Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The Nascent Revolution in HealthCare Pricing

We all know that flying to India for surgery will save you a lot of money--and at little risk.  We all know that buying drugs in Canada will save you a lot of money--and at little risk.

Well, there's more than just that going on.

The Surgery Center of Oklahoma put this in stark relief when they showed up on the scene, offering no-insurance, flat-priced common operations where the price is known before the procedure is undertaken and typically winds up costing 80% less than a hospital charges for the same procedure -- with no surprises.

And in Arizona,

...Anyone can walk into these Wellness Centers at convenient hours and get accurate, rapid lab testing with transparent prices that are always at least 50-80% below Medicare reimbursement rates....

There will be more to follow.  Perhaps the (R) absolute majority in the Wisconsin statehouse should consider a few new laws.  We'll see who owns the Party, eh?

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