Thursday, July 16, 2015

Obozo, the Domestic Terrorist

Aside from the IRS' criminal activities and the AG's willful ignoring of various criminal prosecutions, there's another, even more significant, cloud on the horizon.

Obozo is probably going to release a whole lot of federal prisoners--violent, gang- and drug- criminals--into the country.

On Monday, Obama announced his plan to commute the sentences of 46 drug offenders serving time in federal prison, bringing the total number of commutations to 86 since he has taken office....

... Obama noted that these individuals were not “hardened criminals” and were in prison only for “non-violent drug offenses.”  This is part of the broader red herring argument propagated by the bipartisan “criminal justice reform cartel” – that there is an epidemic of 19-year-olds locked up in federal prison caught smoking marijuana once in their lifetime.  But the reality is that most people serving in federal prison have done some serious drug dealing or are connected to violent drug cartels or gangs....

...A quick glance at the sentencing history of these 46 individuals reveals that a number of them were dealing or trafficking large amounts of cocaine or methamphetamine....Keep in mind that many of these individuals could have initially been charged with greater offenses but entered into a plea bargain.

As usual, when Obozo's lips are moving, he's lying.

As the essayist notes, Obozo could--because of his power of pardon--release tens of thousands of federal prisoners.

Think it won't happen?  Wanna bet?

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