Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Auschwitz Lives On

Actually, there are New Nazis to replace the Old Nazis.

Now Mengele would be called "Planned Parenthood."

....the chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood of America talking on camera about how to abort a child intact so the child’s body parts can be transferred for medical and scientific research....

You thought that Evil is gone?  Think again.  This is the reality of the Progressve, Enlightened ones.

Here's the list of PP/Wisconsin's Eminentoes, by the way.


Saint Revolution said...

12:30 PM 7/15/15

Also: The Wine-Sipping Butchers Of Planned ParentHood .

Selling body parts is an felony in the US with an ~10+ year stretch. This woman needs to spend 10 years encased in an coffin with an bunch of fetal body parts surrounding her...let's see how much wine she gloryholes after that...


Jade Helm (15): what the hell is REALLY going on?

Jade Helm (15) is NOT an benign "nothing-to-see-here-move-along" "military exercise".

The end game?: "Master The Human Domain" for eugenics-based genocide: Jade Helm DeCoded ReVisited

Why is there NO governmental pushback, partisan NOR bipartisan, against, and complete governmental support for, the massive ILLEGAL NSA data collection of domestic information on US citizens? NSA charter does NOT allow NSA to operate domestically...yet NSA does so with impunity.

"Mastering The Human Domain" is an perpetual-information-fed monster.

Jade Helm (15) is flagrantly flouting Posse Commitatus.

Why is Watson, the IBM supercomputer now used in eugenics and military "research", named after the former IBM CEO who partnered with Hitler to achieve genocide during WWII?

Why is Google in bed with government/NSA? More information for "Mastering The Human Domain". Google IS the government/NSA...and anyone who uses ANY Google product is an damn fool:
Google Is Not What It Seems .

The new Apple Watch has been PROVEN to be silently covertly monitoring your body vitals, GPS location, etc., and silently sending this information wirelessly back to who-knows-where. You don't believe? Download, install, and run an wireless sniffer (they're free software) and analyze the network traffic and see for yourself. If you don't believe, you deserve every shovelful of dirt the government wants to throw on top of your FEMA coffin...

Eventual martial law allows control of the populace to further achieve "Mastering The Human Domain" for eugenics-based genocide.

Eisenhower himself warned RE: the military-industrial complex's eventual domestic complete power grab...

The US government freemason one-world assholes are long-term planning an one-world master race.

Jade Helm Begins: Massive Realistic Training Exercise And Preparation For Eventual Martial Law Starts Today .

Jade Helm Means Martial Law. Source: US Veterans .

...And Marines Who Quit The Military Rather Than Follow UnConstitutional Orders... .

NOTE: Listen closely as one Marine tells of military brass trying to "snow job" the soldiers but that the soldiers procured classifed documents stating and PROVING Jade Helm (15) is an exercise to practice instituting domestic martial law to further "Mastering The Human Domain".

It's this simple: when has the government EVER told the TRUTH about anything?!?!

If you are lulled into an false sense of benignity and actual TRUST in the government, you deserve every bullet DHS wants to feed you.

America, you better wake's not GOING to IS happening...right in front of your potato-chips-stuffed face.

The mere fact Jade Helm (15) is even HAPPENING is all-telling.

Saint Revolution said...

Repaired link: The Wine-Sipping Butchers Of Planned ParentHood .