Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Chop Shop" Corporate Supporters

Without a doubt, the best abbreviation for the Planned Parenthood dismember-and-sell operation was given by a Limbaugh caller a couple of days ago.

She characterized PP as a "chop-shop."

Well, yah. 

There are 41 corporate outfits which donate money to Planned Parenthood.  Among them are AT&T (have "U-Verse"?), Ford Motor Company, (the Better Idea, Ford?), Coca-Cola, (which would like to teach the world to screeeaaaammmmm!!), J&J (to them it's just business, ya'know), and Liberty Mutual, which will treat you like an adult if you actually escape the womb alive.)

As Vox asks:  are they all OK with this chop-shop thing?


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