Wednesday, July 22, 2015

RoJo's Immigration Vote

We mentioned that Senator Ron Johnson--now pleading for money to get re-elected--voted FOR the new immigration bill.

Want to know what that bill does?  Among other things:

...Legislation written behind closed doors by handpicked special interest groups which put their political agendas and financial gains before sound and effective law and the welfare and safety of the American public. As a result, the 1,200 page substitute bill before the Senate will provide instant legalization and a path to citizenship to gang members and other dangerous criminal aliens, and handcuff ICE officers from enforcing immigration laws in the future. It provides no means of effectively enforcing visa overstays which account for almost half of the nation’s illegal immigration crisis....

There's more!!

...The final bill 68 senators voted for therefore expressly made amnesty available to gang members – an amnesty that included access to green cards, welfare and the prize of U.S. citizenship....

Maybe RoJo's fundraising appeals should go to MS-13 headquarters.

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