Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rush on Trump

Just heard Rush's current take on Trump.  Can't be said that Rush is an un-alloyed fan, but along the way, Rush made a very good point.

He said (in substance) that while Trump doesn't say things too well, the people who voted "R" in the last three elections HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE REPUBLICANS TO SAY THIS STUFF about immigration, the Iran deal, (etc.)

But the Party has a way of extracting spines from its men and women once they arrive in DC.  The best local example is Ron Johnson, who was neutered about 1 year in and whose (internal) polling undoubtedly shows it, as does his fundraising vis-a-vis Feingold.

One does not have to favor Trump--who is a megalomaniacal blowhard as crass as Croesus--to understand why the (R) pussies don't like him.


You could also read Ace's take on it--which is pretty much the same as Limbaugh's.

Sample (but not the whole discussion):

 ...My problem with Lewis' piece is that he continues -- as so many corporate/establishment conservatives do -- to assume that the conservatives they don't like are just stupid Followers of Entertainment Wing demagogues, and if those demagogues could just be persuaded to change their tunes, the stupid Followers would finally Do the Right Thing (which continues to be Following, but this time they'd be Following the correct orders, these orders approved by Corporate/Establishment Central)....

Yah, well, they're in NYC/DC/LA/SFO, so they're at least 50 points smarter than anyone else, right?

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