Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Transnational Progressive WIERD's Coming Downfall

Interesting thesis from AOSHQ's "Open Blogger" who proposes that our foppish President is merely another Transnational Progressive (but who holds a pretty important position.)

...I believe it is quite out of the question for a thorough-going transnational progressive like Obama to be an adherent of any major religion. TPism only concerns itself with this world, never the next. Therefore, the greatest, most powerful entity known to TPism is the state...

In brief, the Transnational Progressives seek to eliminate nationalism for the 'greater good,' which happens to be The Transnational State:  the next stage of multicultural ideology. Like multiculturalism, transnationalism is a concept that provides elites with both an empirical tool (a plausible analysis of what is) and an ideological framework (a vision of what should be). Transnational advocates argue that globalization requires some form of "global governance" because they believe that the nation-state and the idea of national citizenship are ill suited to deal with the global problems of the future....

A prominent social subset of the TP bunch is The WIERD, which we mentioned a couple of days ago.

...The WEIRD demographic, as I’ve explained before, standing for Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic, is wholly dominant among our media elites that play a huge role in forming opinions and judging the acceptability of the same. Over the last half-century the WEIRD vanguard has taken over the academy, the media, and the entertainment world; one of its better-known members is in the White House right now. Obama’s castigation in 2008 of “bitter” Americans who cling to guns and religion was a perfect one-sentence explanation of how WEIRDos view less educated and enlightened fellow citizens, which is no doubt why his opponents will cite it forever.

There is no tyranny as offensive as a cultural tyranny, of course

...and "cultural tyranny" is certainly visible in this:

..The challenge from transnational progressivism to traditional American concepts of citizenship, patriotism, assimilation, and the meaning of democracy itself is fundamental. If our system is based not on individual rights (as defined by the U. S. Constitution) but on group consciousness (as defined by international law); not on equality of citizenship but on group preferences for non- citizens (including illegal immigrants) and for certain categories of citizens; not on majority rule within constitutional limits but on power-sharing by different ethnic, racial, gender, and linguistic groups; not on constitutional law, but on transnational law; not on immigrants becoming Americans, but on migrants linked between transnational communities; then the regime will cease to be "constitutional," "liberal," "democratic," and "American," in the understood sense of those terms, but will become in reality a new hybrid system that is "post-constitutional," "post-liberal," "post-democratic," and "post-American."...

Simply substitute "Israel" for "American" in the above graf and you know why The Fop despises Netanyahu, who is the Israeli "guns and Bibles" guy.  (Shimon Peres was far more TP--thus, acceptable.)

So I said "coming downfall."  You want to know why?

Because the TP gang and its WIERD subset/adherents will not be able to deal with religion, which is not part of their weltanschauung.  That explains Obozo's studied elimination of the word "Islam" from terrorist acts--and his utter incapacity to formulate a strategy dealing with Islamic-majority states.  He cannot deal with Israel for the same reason (at least temporarily), nor with the Bible Belt domestically.  Same goes for Putin's Russia; Putin has no desire to be submerged into a morass of 'groups' and neither does Russia as a whole.  It's one reason that Putin is playing the "religion" card (as is Iran's leadership).

And the TP/WIERD gang, while currently dominating the culture of the West, will--in the near future--see their dreams demolished.  It will probably be in a war, whether the current "islamism" conflict writ much larger, or in some other venue but with the same underlying cause, even if masked by 'nationalism.'  Remember that Hitler--a nationalist--rose in the face of an earlier version of TP--the Wilsonian one.

It can happen again.

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