Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The "Rule of Law" Crumbling

We've often mentioned that the "Rule of Law" is in the process of collapse in the US.  In no little irony, that collapse is largely triggered by lawyers in black robes who issue decrees contrary to the very foundations of Western civilization.  One example is our very own Abrahamson, a superannuated prune who attempted to make self-defense illegal in Wisconsin.  Another is Kennedy, who gives license (not liberty) to all sorts of ....ahhh.....perversions.

And of course, there's Roberts, who simply changes the words of legislation, making "fines" into "taxes."

At the top of this pile, currently, sits another lawyer--one B. Hussein Obama--who, while not a judge, is the most flagrant law-breaker in Presidential history.  And he provides the basis for an excellent question.

"...if a president can ignore laws legitimately passed by Congress, why can’t a state like Alabama ignore marriage rulings handed down by courts?"

Under the late, great, Constitution of the US, neither the President nor the Supremes are tin gods.  They are owed no more respect than they actually earn--which, recently, has been zero (or less.)

Another example of Obozism's utter disregard for law?  His drone attacks.  See Peter's post here.

So.  Screw 'em.  Screw 'em all.  And God help the hindmost.

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