Friday, February 06, 2015

Channel 12's Hot Sweats

Channel 12 is doing a lot of heavy breathing here.

...The FBI is now helping Waukesha County detectives as they examine weapons, including an AK-47 submachine gun, nearly 1,000 rounds of ammunition and anti-government writings found in a Merton apartment last week....

(It ain't a "submachine" gun, dummy.  It's a semi-automatic.  Moving on:)

...investigators want to know why he was researching mass shootings at Sandy Hook, Tucson and most fervently, the shootings at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek....described in police reports as “odd,” then “concerning” after the man said he would attend a documentary about the Sikh temple shooting...

... he was involved in a road rage incident in Waukesha, police said.

Documents in connection with that case revealed a letter to the judge in which the man claimed government is "training law enforcement to view every citizen as a threat, to view us all as potential terrorists and to militarize the police department.

OMG!  DHS material describing pro-lifers and Iraq veterans as "terrorists"--he must have seen that stuff.  He noticed the MRAPs in the cop-shop back yard, too.  

WISN 12 News is not naming the man because he hasn't been charged.

With what, girls?

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