Sunday, February 01, 2015

GAB Smacked Down Again, Good and Hard

Wisconsin's poster-child for Lefty Malevolence is the Government Accountability Board.  Its day-to-day operators are committed enemies of conservatism who have earned the distrust of many.  In fact, that distrust is shared by the Federal judiciary--so much so that a Fed District Judge has ordered GAB to post his ruling on their website and keep it posted for two full years.

The ruling, which was in favor of Wisconsin Right To Life, also drives what should be the final nail into the coffin of GAB's illicit sweaty affair with Milwaukee County D.A. John Chisholm and his little Igor, a nit named Landgraf, who abused their office so flagrantly that two judges, backed by an appeals court, ordered him to stop.

Chisholm and the GAB will claim that they were 'just following the law.'  But in fact, they were making it up to accomplish their goal--the destruction of the Right.  'Making it up' is another form of lying, the Left's most-utilized tool.

The GAB Board should resign en masse if they don't commit seppuko first.  The GAB itself should be schmeissed in toto.  Not one current employee should remain on the State payroll.  It should become like Carthage.  Something similar can be re-constructed some day. 

Chisholm and Landgraf will not have the grace to resign.  Shunning would be one option, since tar-and-feathers is improbable, but these boils will be around for a while to remind Wisconsin citizens that Shakespeare was right about (some) lawyers.

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