Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ruling-Class Liar Sensenbrenner, Again

A while ago, I explained that Jim Sensenbrenner, (the multi-millionaire occasional resident of Wisconsin who bills himself as "conservative") had voted FOR ObozoCare before voting against it.


And another blogger noticed the same thing.

...Boehner’s lameduck Cromnibus surrender required two recorded votes, illustrating the trap of relying on roll calls to assess legislative performance. Much was made of Boehner’s begging Obama to corral Democrat support because 67 Republicans voted against passage. Many of them were actually praised by gullible conservatives. However, prior to voting on the bill, there had to be a vote on the Rule allowing it to be even considered. Not one Democrat voted for that Rule and only 16 Republicans voted against it. If one more Republican had voted “No” on the Rule, the bill would never have been voted on, let alone passed. Thus, 51 Republicans had it both ways. They voted for the Rule allowing consideration and then against final passage. Doubtless, roll call voting analyses will list them as voting conservative when, in reality, they helped Boehner stab conservatives in the back....

Jim Sensenbrenner (and Ryan, by the way) voted FOR ObozoCare--not to mention the other budget-busting spends of Obozo & Co.

Thanks, Jim, you lying SOB.

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