Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Holder: Just Another Sack of S&^t Politician

Heh.  Here we have the most corrupt A.G. in US history shining his own apple:

In a press conference Wednesday, outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder said that, despite what his critics say, during his tenure he’s successfully de-politicized the Department of Justice after it had been corrupted by the Bush administration....

Or maybe not:

The head of a Justice Department law enforcement office used his position to secure a job for his son and other relatives, the agency’s internal watchdog said Wednesday, the latest in a string of reports that have repeatedly found examples of nepotism at the department....

... It’s not the first example of nepotism at Eric Holder’s Justice Department. A November investigation by the inspector general found that certain offices in the department had a “pervasive culture of nepotism and favoritism.” It’s at least the fifth inspector general report since 2004 to find hiring problems at the agency.

There's a special place in Hell for you, Mr. Holder.  

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