Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Messing With Mother Nature

This essay brings up a panoply of problems and demonstrates very well what can happen when you mess with Mother Nature.  IOW, the "old-time religion" position on sex outside of marriage--which is the underlying theme but which is explicitly slandered by the author.

It gets worse from there, by the way, as we now have the Federal judiciary attempting to retro-"fix" the original problem by making licit what can never be so.  It's the old tangled web of '...when first we practice to deceive...' with a few orders of magnitude of permutation.

...The [Sixth Circuit] majority ruling dismisses any possibility of a constitutional right to gay marriage, while the dissent focuses on an entirely different question of whether gay parents are as good as straight ones. The latter controversy is something that the majority decision explicitly refused to weigh in on, so the dissent is a curious non sequitur....

...The “marriage equality” arguments leverage children, often claiming that if gay adults can marry the children they are raising will benefit from broader “protections.” This is doublespeak. The “protections” consist of the gay adults’ access to and control of children as commodities. Activists have enough savvy to realize it is better that people did not see this hidden inconsistency....

Here comes that slander:

....In so many ways the dissenting opinion stands as the perfect postmodern artifact, the chalice of the cultural warriors who traffic in distortions. It uses privilege and entitlement while claiming to correct inequality. The end result is that the misogyny of the LGBT movement flings women backward to a dark era, when the rule was prejudice against single mothers and unintended pregnancy....

"Prejudice"?  "Dark Era"?

That flies in the face of the facts.  This author evidently did not pay attention to the large church and civic networks (not to mention families) who were dedicated to assisting single moms and their children.  Such support included free pre-natal/delivery services, cash assistance, and (when necessary), adoption services.

But of course, much of that was regulated out of existence--or made flat-out illegal--by The Enlightened Class'  court rulings against 'prejudicial' adoption screening, specifically, that Catholic agencies would NOT adopt-out children to homosex couples, or when they screened for 'ability' (i.e., the income necessary) to raise the children.  That's the reason that most Catholic Social Service agencies stopped facilitating adoptions, people!

But now, with "old-time religion" forced out, and with the "me!  me!!  me!!!!" generation in charge, we have an incredible mess.

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