Friday, February 27, 2015

Loretta Lynch Is John Chisholm

Methods are congruent.  And as Obozo's AG, the targets will be conguent, too.

Senate vote shortly.  Let's see how RoJo rolls on this one.

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Saint Revolution said...

Loretta Lynch...another black piece of stool.

"...the scummy Clintons pulled yet another fast one...the lawyers said they were not in a position to answer questions about where the money that went into WhiteWater came from. But generally, they said they thought neither the Clintons nor Mr. McDougal had profited from the venture. They also said the Clintons were once liable for about $100,000 in bank loans that financed WhiteWater’s original purchase of land. But the lawyers have only been able to find original documents showing $5,000 that the Clintons paid. Some questions about the relationship and the Clintons’ role in it may be difficult to resolve because of differing accounts and the missing records.

The two lawyers representing the Clintons are Susan P. Thomases, a longtime friend, and Loretta Lynch, a campaign aide, who participated in several hours of interviews at Ms. Thomases’ Manhattan offices Thursday and Friday.

So here we have yet ANOTHER Democrat POS, an expert in lying and scumbaggery, getting appointed to run the DOJ. BTW, another “civil rights expert” who sees racism everywhere except when it is black on white racism...."

Loretta Lynch...another black piece of stool.