Sunday, February 01, 2015

Only the Left Could Invent ObozoCare

If you think that exorbitant costs, ridiculous stop-loss numbers, and the demolition of health-care are serious problems resulting from ObozoCare, you're right.

But it gets worse:  you still have to calculate your taxes.

..Health plans are classified in five categories, such as gold, silver and bronze, based on how generous the coverage is. To calculate their tax credits, consumers need to know the cost of their own policies, but must also know the cost of a benchmark plan, the second-lowest-cost silver plan. To claim an exemption if the available coverage was unaffordable, they also need to know the premium for the lowest-cost bronze plan in the area in 2014....

Wait, wait!  There's MORE!!

...lower-income people often have changes in employment, income and insurance. If any members of a household were uninsured in 2014, they must fill out a work sheet showing coverage month by month, and they may owe penalties. To claim tax credits, consumers need to fill out I.R.S. Form 8962, which includes a matrix with 12 rows and six columns — a total of 72 boxes, to compute subsidies for each month....

...and IRS "help"-lines will be mostly non-existent this year.

If The Plan was to make the rule of law a joke, The Plan is right on schedule.

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