Thursday, February 05, 2015

Chickenshit Cop, Dead Old Guy

This cop is a chickenshit bully, at best.

...Taylor, 43, was one of several officers dispatched to the facility where Wrana lived after a staff member reported that Wrana had become combative with emergency workers.

After Wrana struck a staffer with his cane, he brandished a 2-foot-long shoehorn at officers, prompting them to briefly leave the room. When the officers returned, one officer was carrying a Taser, another one had a shield, and Taylor was carrying a 12-gauge shotgun that shoots beanbags.

Wrana threatened the officers with a knife, and when he refused to drop it, one officer fired at him with the Taser but missed. Then Wrana moved toward Taylor, and the officer fired his weapon five times....

Five times with a beanbag shotgun.  Those rounds travel about 180 MPH.

Old guy died of internal bleeding (duh.)

Best part:

...But Taylor testified he was following the orders of a superior officer and feared for his life and the lives of his fellow officers when he saw Wrana holding the knife over his head and threatening to kill whoever came into his room....

Yah, that's right.  Read it again.  FIVE cops present, one 95-year-old guy waving a knife.

That cop's a real MAN, alright.  And yes, he was found 'not guilty' of felony reckless conduct.  He was supported by the other "real MEN" in his cop shop of Park Forest, IL.

It is not true that the Park Forest police patrol bingo games with their AR's locked and loaded.  Yet.

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