Sunday, February 15, 2015

The McAdams Brouhaha, Chapter Twenty One

The McAdams thing has generated a lot of discussion.

Here's the end-graf of a lengthy post on the matter which (inter alia) exposes one very telling fact about Ms. Abbate:  she is a raging sexist.  But the author (Rod Dreher) has a clear vision of the dispute:

...Even if you think John McAdams was rightfully stripped of his tenure in this matter, there are serious questions of academic freedom here that won’t go away. Marquette’s silence on the matter of Cheryl Abbate’s publicly stated belief that white male heterosexuals must be speech-restricted in her classroom, and its apparent acceptance of the accuracy of the recorded conversation between her and her student, is a greater threat to academic freedom than the blog bloviating of a cranky conservative professor.


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