Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Gallup CEO Meets Reality

Ya'd think that the CEO of the world's most-recognized polling company would have learned this back about 4-5 years ago, but apparently some skulls are thicker than others.

...Clifton took to the pages of his own website to write an opinion piece where he comes out and says in no uncertain terms that the unemployment numbers put out by the government are "a big lie."...

Next thing, he'll essay that there is no Easter Bunny.


Anonymous said...

Considering Gallup has been doing its own unemployment numbers since 2010, and until recently it had been tracking relatively closely to (if consistently a tenth or two higher than) the equivalent 18-and-older non-seasoned portion of the BLS/Census survey, I'll give Jim Clifton the benefit of time.

I look forward to Jim Crudele's take on the January survey at the end of the week, especially since Gallup's unseasoned 18-and-older rolling average is up to 7.0%.

Dad29 said...

You're far too kind. Jim Clifton is old enough to read the newspapers and SHOULD have known about U-6 since 2009, anyway--if not before.

I've been aware of it since LONG before GWB was elected. You can bet that Mr. Clifton has a few more degrees than I do, and from (likely) more prestigious colleges.

By the way, copper AND the Baltic Dry are way, way down. Send Mr. Clifton a note advising that Obozo lies about a lot of OTHER stuff, too.