Saturday, June 01, 2013

THIS Is "Choice"?

No wonder that actual Conservatives are in rebellion over this plan.

(By the way, most of what follows are Walker talking points which were read by Jay Weber on yesterday's program--no calls were accepted during the Propaganda Moment.)

...Walker said in an interview with The Associated Press that he supports parameters of the deal that would expand vouchers to every district in the state but limit enrollment to no more than 1,000 students after next year. No more than 1 percent of students from any one district, outside of Milwaukee and Racine, could participate...

...This year, Walker proposed another expansion to any school district that has at least 4,000 students and two schools that score poorly on new state report cards. That would have applied to only nine districts, including Madison and Green Bay.

But some prominent Republicans, namely Senate President Mike Ellis and Education Committee chairman Sen. Luther Olsen, balked at using the report cards as a trigger.

Under the latest deal, the report cards would no longer be a factor. Instead, vouchers would be everywhere but with a cap of 500 next school year and 1,000 after that.

The deal would also tighten income eligibility, limiting new enrollees to students from families earning up to 185 percent of the poverty rate instead of 300 percent as Walker wanted....

I have my doubts about the Choice program.  Put simply, 'He who pays the piper calls the tune.'  State funding ultimately means State control.  But that argument is not particularly practical, yet.

So.  Given that Choice is a public good (and it is--so far), the limits imposed by Rug-Wearer Ellis and WEAC-Stooge Olsen are contrary to the public good.  1,000 more students State-wide?  185% income-limits?

Begging Rug-Wearer's pardon every 2 years?

Be serious.

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Saint Revolution said...

I am, frankly, completely sick and tired of all these government giveaway programs.

When I was a kid, I attended no less than four different grade schools, two of which were parochial and two of which were public. The high school I attended was parochial.

I come from a family of seven original children, six of which survived. My old man busted his ass to pay both private parochial tuitions and his taxes so that public education and educators could steal the system blind. He was the opposite of a double dipper. He was caught in the cracks of being a double payer. Nobody gave him vouchers, nuthin'.

I spent 5 years getting three separate college degrees, all on my own nickel. No student loans, no family loans, no grants, no loans, no vouchers, nuthin'. All my own money. To earn money, I worked up to three jobs at any one time, played with bands all over the Midwest, worked any shift I needed to...whatever...anything to pay what I now realize was thieving overbloated public university tuition and overbloated book costs.

But I did it...with only my own one else's.

Hey, for your own school.

Pay your own way in life.

The voucher program is nothing more than another government welfare program.