Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bipartisan Totalitarianism

Yah, we know that Obozo's collection of phone calls, emails, and internet traffic is...ummmnnnhhhh....Obozo's.  He's a totalitarian and has his enforcers:  Holder and the IRS (not to mention DHS and the upcoming ObozoCare/HHS regime).

Recall, though, that Jim Sensenbrenner WROTE the Patriot Act which "authorized" all this stuff; and sure enough, another Totalitarian emerges creeps forth from the (R) sub-basement:

...Within a few hours, King [R-NY] provided an illustration of precisely what the Examiner editors fear. Responding to a question by Fox News' Bill Hemmer about why the government needs everyone's phone numbers and not just suspects', King said, "Because if you don't have all of them, the system is incomplete."

Pressed further by Hemmer as to why the government needs his phone records, King expanded: "Because you can't distinguish one number from the other as to which one could potentially in the next five years be involved in a terror case. You need to have the full array of numbers so that any time in the next five years, if a number comes up, they can then drill in and find out who in this country spoke to it. It's very hard to decide who to include and who not to include."

(Aside from his implication that EVERYONE is a suspect, there's another fact which King the Totalitarian forgets:  phone numbers actually change owners!!)

Oh, well.  There's still the Second Amendment.


Jim said...
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Anonymous said...

Gutless piece of shit, Jim.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, well. There's still the Second Amendment."

Ah, yes, the implicit "Buy More Ammo" meme. When the bullets start flying, is Dad29 going to be front and center or ducking and covering. I know the answer...

Moreover, feel free to continue to wrongly characterize totalitarianism.

And, of course, we have the deranged anony at 6:38 p.m. chime in.