Sunday, June 02, 2013

The UN Follies: Gun Bans

Yes, B Hussein Obozo's regime sponsored the UN "gun ban" treaty.

And no, it won't get 2/3rds of the Senate.  Not today.

But will the treaty accomplish its objective (?), stated thus:

...supporters claim that the treaty's only aim is to better regulate the import and export of these arms between countries to ensure that weapons don't get into the hands of pirates, warlords, drug cartels, and other organized forces that terrorize innocents. In fact, there's language in the treaty that specifically says it isn't supposed to ban guns or override any country's own laws....

Not even close.

...illicit trade is by definition illicit. Criminals ignore laws. They ignore treaties. Look at international drug smuggling. Making import/export illegal has done nothing but attract ever more ruthless and clever criminals who have built global enterprises strong enough to challenge (or utterly corrupt) governments. The same will happen with weapons. Criminals will get weapons by raiding military depots, by smuggling, by black-market trading, through bribery, by killing police and soldiers, or in dozens of other ways.

In fact, that's already how most bandits, drug lords, and warlords get their weaponry. In 2012 a study from Routledge Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution concluded that very few arms were coming to bad guys through the import/export trade. Instead they were getting weapons through the "the diversion or misuse of officially authorized transfers" and other forms of theft. No treaty will prevent that; a treaty will only interfere with those who obey laws.

The UN (and sadly, a lot of GooGoos in the US and worldwide) assume something:

...the U.N.'s view has always been that government control of trade is inherently good and trade that is not directly controlled by government is always bad. Any international arms sales not explicitly authorized by governments would be illegal. A country could be under the thumb of a monstrous dictator, but according to the U.N. it's a good thing for that dictator to be able to prevent his opponents from arming themselves.

Syria and the ChiComs are members of the UN; ergo, those Gummints are "legitimate" by UN definition.

If Hugo Black is correct, the treaty (if ratified) will not abrogate the 2A.  But the zillion-and-three regs and laws required by the treaty?   They could be enacted.

Buy.  More.  Ammo.

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