Monday, June 03, 2013

Remember "The Gas Tax Pays for Roads"?

All of us have heard the propaganda-line that 'the gas tax pays for roads highways and if we don't have highways, Wisconsin oldsters will starve, children will get dread diseases, the Milwaukee Brewers will go to Dubuque, and our State will fall off the Earth.' 

Or something like that. 

And if you believe that Our Government is composed of prudent, taxpayer-sensitive, careful husbanders of tax dollars, well.....

First off, it seems that highway-building and -maintenance will have to wait.

Replacement of the state Department of Transportation’s 49-year-old Hill Farms complex, while pricey, also would avoid tens of millions of dollars for maintenance and upgrades to a facility that ultimately will be torn down, Hintz said. Debt on the new building would be repaid using gas tax revenues and licensing fees.

Housing the bureaucracy is apparently even MORE important than RoadBuilding.

Secondly, why will this building be torn down?

Yah, Doyle didn't bother to maintain it, (and should be sued for criminal neglect of State property.)  Is the building totally useless?  Can no other State agencies utilize it?  Are the Wise Solons telling us that they cannot prudently manage State resources--that tearing down this building is the Only Way?

Not only is State Government far too large.  It is apparently run by wastrels.

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Anonymous said...

Walker owns it now - Doyle was two elections back.