Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tolkien and Benedict

What Tolkien observed:

Like many Englishmen, Tolkien feared a world divided in two, in which the smaller peoples would be swallowed whole by the bigger powers. While he saw evil in 1916, he also saw it in 1969. “The spirit of wickedness in high places is now so powerful and so many-headed in its incarnations,” Tolkien wrote, “that there seems nothing more to do than personally to refuse to worship any of the hydras’ heads.” The world, he thought, seemed little better than a new Tower of Babel, “all noise and confusion.” the 'dictatorship of relativism' which Benedict XVI railed against.


Anonymous said...

Yep, when no one believes in the concept of objective truth or how objective truth pertains to matters like abortion and gay "marriage," you are bound to have a society ready to fall off a cliff. Every society needs Christ, the Catholic Church, or at least the natural moral law as the reference points for moral direction, or chaos will ensue. Welcome to chaos and the end of the United States as we have known it. Tough times ahead!

Saint Revolution said...

FROM: Robert J. Firth:

There are 32 million (and growing) public sector employees vs. 98 million in the shrinking private sector. Before Bama, the total workforce (public and private) was 143 million of which under 20 million (including contractors, postal, state city and local) we're in the public sector. Today, there are 25 million unemployed and unemployable. The Fed figures of 7.8% are absurd. Half of all previously employed have just stopped looking and given up! Don’t believe it, where do your think the 50 million on food stamps have come from?

What this means today is that every three employed in the private sector are supporting one bureaucratic, union, blood-sucking drone in the public sector. This ratio is sadly rapidly increasing in favor of the public sector such that within 20 years of continuous progressive government, there will be two people employed in the private sector for everyone in the public sector. When social security started in 1933 there were 16 working for every one receiving benefits, today there are three, tomorrow there will be two and eventually one …then none! Perhaps you don’t believe this? Check the figures on the increasing amounts of money deducted from the private sector for the mandatory contribution confiscated by the feds for Social Security. The screaming libs will argue that public sector workers also pay taxes but, of course, taxing those whose pay comes from taxes is a kind of fiscal sophistry- a game for wankers!

The 16,000 new employees in the IRS being hired to enforce Obamacare will of course, only increase this burden. I think the attempt by the administration to enforce Obamacare will likely result in massive public disobedience which ultimately will divide society far greater than it is today- if such is indeed possible!

The rancor and outright hatred between the collectivists and the ‘real Americans’, those who believe in individual freedom and responsibility, is only going to increase. The reason there isn’t and cannot be common ground between the parties is because one cannot negotiate in any way with one's executioner. The differences between the parties have become far too vast! Don’t believe this, consider, that given their perfect world, the wild-eyed libs would have all conservatives imprisoned and murdered- exactly as the bama’s mentor, ole Bill ‘the mad bomber’ Ayres has said! After 100 years of slowly in encroaching ‘progressivism’ beginning with Wilson, Roosevelt, Harry Hopkins, all the way through Clinton and Obama, middle ground no longer exists. The end game for the left is to turn America into a socialist paradise for those incapable or unwilling to stand on their own two feet. America is today a vast socialist paradise!

Saint Revolution said...

FROM: Robert J. Firth:

The overall cost of government has risen from 12 percent of the GNP in 1946 to over 24 percent today. The 1946 Dollar, valued then at a hundred cents, has today, because of federal pandering and squandering of our wealth, declined to about five cents. I do not see anything on the horizon that is going to change the direction this country is moving. The election of bama and the inability of the increasingly stupid and ill informed electorate to understand the issues has likely sealed our fate. Only a pervasive social revolution, driven by conservative values, that takes over the reins of government in every area, can change this dark future.

The unprecedented use of the IRS to persecute American citizens and the crass cold murders of our ambassador and the soldiers who tried to defend him coupled with the continuous debasement of our currency at the hands of the insane Fed and particularly, the importance of the recent attack on the journalists are examples of the progressive, materialistic, morally bankrupt socialist disease..

This perfidious sickness of collectivism permeates our universities. Those anti-capitalist professors are to me like VW's with 600 gallon gas tanks. They have vast amounts of data in their memories but their tiny (limited) minds are functionally incapable of processing the data to reach correct conclusions. What they are, are very stupid people with well trained memories! ( such is not mutually exclusive) Thousands of them Infest our universities where they find comfort in the company of fellow dunces, parading around the campus with their advanced degrees, which of course, are all in the soft sciences. (Almost none have degrees in mathematics or hard science) They wander the campus pontificating and poisoning the minds of the young!

Anonymous said...

Jerome Corsi, Mohamed El-Erian, and now Robert J. Firth. What other critters will St. Revolution pull out of the woodwork?