Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Cops vs. the Citizens

Noted by Sykes & Co:

Beginning today, the 2013 Fighting Forward Labor and Working Class Summit will begin four days of panel discussions and presentations on class warfare, labor history, organizing, recounting of events like the Wisconsin labor uprising and Occupy Wall Street.

Attendees will get to choose to attend panels on "Transitional Steps to a Socialist Future," "Changing U.S. Capitalism," "Possibilities and Limitations of the Electoral Process," "The Wisconsin Struggle," "Building a Genuine Left Wing in the Union," "Historical and International Perspectives on Occupy," and much much more....
Among others (like the Wobblies (!!!)), sponsors include the Wisconsin Professional Policemen's Association.
Remember that the next time you get a ticket for failing to signal a turn, jaywalking, or not wearing your seatbelt--all occasions for collecting your DNA, too, according to the Supreme Court.

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