Sunday, June 02, 2013

John McCain, Patron of War

McCarthy doesn't have much use for McCain.  Rightly so.

There is a stubborn fact Republicans may want to consider as McCain, their wayward foreign-policy guru, tries to browbeat them into Libya Act II — because, you know, Act I has worked out so well. It is this: The Obama administration’s shocking derelictions of duty in connection with the Benghazi massacre cannot erase the GOP fingerprints all over the Libyan debacle. Obama is the one who took us over the cliff, but only after McCain shoved him to the very edge.

Obama’s Libya war, which the president was pleased to lead from behind while McCain whirled in front, was not authorized by Congress. This was fine by McCain, who declared that saving Benghazi was too important to delay over such constitutional trivia as a green light from the American people’s representatives. After all, what would America have done without Benghazi? So Libya now stands as a treacherous precedent that a president may unilaterally take us to war, in consultation with the Arab League’s Islamist regimes, under circumstances in which not only are there no vital American interests to be served but our intervention actually disserves our interests by empowering America’s enemies.

Too bad that McCain cannot distinguish one from the other.  All he knows is war, and it's beginning to look like he loves what he knows.

Too bad for G I Joe.


Jim said...

We agree on McCain.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but unlike daddio, we've never cast a vote for him.

Jim said...

I wouldn't assume that he has.

Anonymous said...

Stop patronizing the ole bloke. You know damn well he pulled the lever for McCain. After all, their wartime records match up.

As in, both were such piss poor military men the enemy had zero problem locating and imprisoning them.