Sunday, June 09, 2013

Totalitarian Swings and Misses. Republicans Won't Change a Thing

With all the Wise Men (K'hammer, Rep. Mike Rogers, etc.) telling us that Total Surveillance is just fine because it catches the goblins(!!!), how about these examples?

The 2009 thing is a MacGuffin. They did not use this program to get the 2009 bombing stopped. It was actually the British who helped us do that. And, more importantly they missed the Major Hassan Nidal attack. He was in touch with Anwar al-Awlaki. And, we missed the Boston bombing, too.”--Fox News quoted at Gateway.


Since NSA now has a record of everything, at the cost of $80Bn/year, and they cleanly missed those three (if not more), why should we "trust" that they'll find the next one?

Limbaugh is right on this one.

But PRISM will not be de-funded any more than ObozoCare was de-funded.  There will be no meaningful limits imposed on the NSA's program, either. 

The Pubbies like what they see.

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