Saturday, June 08, 2013

85K Lousy Jobs. Thank ObozoCare

175,000 jobs added! 

Then look at the jobs...

Occupations paying below-average wages accounted for more than half of last month’s U.S. payroll increase, a dynamic that may restrain consumer spending and the economic recovery.

Retailers, the hospitality industry and temporary-help agencies accounted for 96,300, or 55 percent, of 175,000 jobs added in May, figures from the Labor Department showed today in Washington.
“It’s not just jobs, it’s the kinds of jobs we’re creating,” said Diane Swonk, chief economist at Chicago-based Mesirow Financial Inc. 

“We need to see more broad-based and even growth in the economy to see better jobs return. We’re still relying too much on the part-time and contingent workforce.

ObozoCare had a great deal to do with that.  Temp agencies are growing like topsy because "real" employers are looking at 1/1/14 and avoiding hiring health-insurance liabilities.  Retailers don't really care; their health-insurance plans are generally crapola anyway.

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