Monday, June 24, 2013

Rubio's False Choice

Here's the last graf from Marco Rubio's essay on why the immigration bill should be passed:

I understand the American people’s frustration. I know that these promises have been made in the past. But here’s the reality of it: the choice before us is to try to fix this, or leave it way it is and risk an even bigger problem due to Washington’s inaction. What we have today is a disaster of epic proportions. Eleven million human beings living among us, and we don’t know who they are. They are working but not paying taxes. There are criminals among them. That has to be solved. We need to fix this, and this is our chance to fix it.

Those are not the only choices.  He knows it, and we know it.

There's another choice:  fund, implement, and enforce the existing laws, or clean out D.C.

I like my suggestion better.


Anonymous said...

So, I take it you're running office, right? Because, after all, we need people like you in gummint. Otherwise, how can our values be saved by simply writing a blog?

Anonymous said...

Unless all these people are working for cash, they are paying taxes.

It's good to see that Rubio acknowledges that they are "human beings".