Saturday, June 08, 2013

Who Purchased the Immigration Bill?

Jeff Sessions doesn't phrase it as a "purchase", but he could have.  And by the way, it will be easy to find out exactly who purchased the deal!

Instead of being written in the open, Sessions said, the bill was “written by special interests.” Interest groups — the AFL-CIO, big agricultural corporations, the hospitality and landscaping industries, farm workers’ unions, the Chamber of Commerce and many others — shaped how the bill was written. “Some of the groups actually did the drafting,” Sessions said. “A lot of the language clearly came from the special interest groups that were engaged in these secret negotiations.”

The result, Sessions charged, was a carefully-crafted agreement that balanced a number of special interests...

...“We were allowed to offer amendments, and we did have some debate there, but it was odd in that, repeatedly, members, not even in the Gang of Eight, would say ‘I like this amendment, but I can’t vote for it because I understand it upsets the deal.’ So we need to ask ourselves, who made the deal? Whose deal is this?”...

...Who was in this room? Who was in the deal making process? I contend, and I think it is quite plain, it was because [the bill] was not written by independent members of the Senate, in a more open process, but was written by special interests…The point to make is, and what I think our colleagues need to understand, and the American people need to understand, in reality, the special interests — La Raza, the unions, the corporate world, the big agriculture businesses, the food processors – they are the ones that made the agreement in this process, and the senators just sort of ratified it.

Your questions should be easy to answer, Senator.  Just call the NSA and get the phone and email conversations of all the players.

No problem!!

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