Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Trust Us. We're National Security!"


The NSA, which is by charter and definition the nation's security watchdog, managed to:

1)  Hire a guy whose resume was......ahhh.......enhanced;

2)  Put the guy in a position to "steal secrets" and load them into a laptop computer (or several of them) and allowed him to walk away with them;

3)  Stand watching as the guy, his laptops, and "secrets" successfully flies to Hong Kong;

4)  Fail to capture the "spy" in Hong Kong; and

5)  Fail to prevent his flight to Moscow;

5)  Lose track of the guy, totally, while he's in Moscow--(or maybe he's NOT in Moscow.)


Not to worry, however.  The NSA has a record of every cellphone call you've ever made or received, along with every email you've ever sent or received, and every pixel you've ever posted on the 'net.

Because that makes us "secure."


Another (similar) look at the same Incompetentos.

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