Saturday, June 15, 2013

Protesting Too Much, and A Question or Two

This guy Snowden certainly is a narcissist lying dumb twit, eh?  (But that leaves a VERY important question or two.)

...When one major institution (the Washington media establishment) so seamlessly partners with another (the U.S. government) in trashing a whistleblower, it’s not hard to understand why Americans might be jaded. The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin wrote that Snowden is “a grandiose narcissist who deserves to be in prison.” MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell complained about Snowden’s naiveté and “maturity level,” as if only a child would believe the government should be transparent about its activity. Politico’s Roger Simon called Snowden “the slacker who came in from the cold,” with “all the qualifications to become a grocery bagger.” That people feel comfortable sneering about grocery workers—a respectable job—and writing off Snowden’s years working as a security guard as sloth tells you a bit about the culture of the nation’s capital, doesn’t it?

But he didn’t finish high school! Actually, Snowden earned a general equivalency diploma (GED), but that hasn’t stopped his detractors from spitting this accusation like an epithet. On Wednesday’s Late Show With David Letterman, Tom Brokaw dismissed Snowden as “a high school dropout who is a military washout.” On Tuesday, Sen. Susan Collins, mocked the 29-year-old man as “a high school drop-out who had little maturity [and] had not successfully completed anything he had undertaken.” Yes, if only he had gone to Harvard or Yale like our last four presidents, who have done such a bang-up job running the country....--HotAir quoting Kirsten Powers


So here's the question:  How did this critter get hired by Booz, Allen and work at the NSA for four years?

Here's another question:  How many more just like him are on NSA's direct or indirect payroll?


Anonymous said...

There's something fishy going on here.

schmenz said...


You're not SERIOUSLY trying to say that what Snowden did and is doing is bad, are you? If so please forgive me if I say that I am disappointed in you.

Really, good sir, you of all people should be on the man's side and not listening to the ravings of the Big Government swine who are trying to take our minds off the shocking revelations. The man has exposed for all the world to see that we are as close to a police state as was ever thought possible and the best you can do is call him a lying twit?

I respectfully urge you to dig a bit deeper into this story.

Dad29 said...

Hmmm. Perhaps irony doesn't translate well in pixels. The first sentence in my post was ironic (or snarky)....

Snowden has some cred problems. But that doesn't detract from the 4000-lb. gorilla of NSA/Obozo domestic snooping at all.