Saturday, December 08, 2012

Your Friendly Local Banker/Scammer

Huh.  Here's a little-known part of TARP which (again) leaves the taxpayer on the hook.

...a part of TARP was the so called TAG program.  What it did was remove the cap on insured deposits without limit as long as there was no interest being paid on the account.  Now tell me who is paying interest bearing checking anymore?  So in other words, TAG now makes the federal taxpayers liable for another 1.4 trillion dollars in deposits.  Like TARP, it was supposed to be a temporary measure to calm bank depositors, but it was extended in Dodd Frank and now the bankers (who love it of course) are racing to get it extended....--FreedomLine quoting a source

Even if your bank DOES pay interest on your account (look closely, it's hard to find), it is common for banks to require commercial borrowers to maintain X% of their line-of-credit in a non-interest-bearing account.

You're insuring all those against a bank failure--which lowers the cost of doing business for banks.  And they most certainly need less "costs", right? 

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