Sunday, December 02, 2012

"FEAR the .22 Long Rifle!!!"

On a par with TurboTimmy's "unlimited Presidential national-debt authority" proposal, we find another Obozoite whose youthful indiscretions with mind-altering substances now produces the predictable results.

Rifles, even .22 caliber models many young people receive as their first gun, are “among the greatest threats to the reliability of the nation’s power system,” U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman Jon Wellinghoff claimed at a Tuesday Bloomberg Government Breakfast, Bloomberg News reported yesterday.
Citing “inadequately protected” transformers as easy targets, Wellinghoff told the group that terrorists in "coordinated" actions committed to destroying them “could get 200 yards away with a .22 rifle and take the whole thing out.”

That's what he said.  You can look it up.

HT:  The Captain


Anonymous said...

What exactly is your issue here? Is there something inaccurate in what Wellinghoff said? Does it worry you that major areas of the electrical grid could be taken out by small weapons fire?

Or did you think that DOE is going to come after your Daisy BB gun rather that work to strengthen the protection of the vulnerable equipment?

Dad29 said...

Since you know so much about this, why don't you explain how a .22 cal will demolish an entire step-up transformer at 200 yards.

Go ahead, explain it. We won't ask you do demonstrate it, what with winter coming on and all...

Anonymous said...

It is clear that Wellinghoff's claim is about the vulnerability of the energy grid and not about your freaking guns. He could have used derringers at 5 paces or a slingshot at 30 feet.

Is it your gun obsession, or what? That whirring sound in your ears is not from the black helicopters. It's tinnitus from your meds.