Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Ryan Knows Funny Lines

Paul Ryan spoke last night at a the [Jack] Kemp Foundation award dinner; Rubio received the award.

...congratulations to Senator Rubio on receiving this well-deserved honor.

You’re joining an elite group of past recipients – so far, it’s just me and you. I’ll see you at the reunion dinner – table for two. Know any good diners in Iowa or New Hampshire?

I’m sure the press won’t read too much into that.

And then another one:

...[I met Kemp] at Empower America, where I was lucky enough to work with Jack and Bill Bennett, another mentor of mine. Jack and I both served in the House of Representatives, and over the years we both took our share of tough hits – Jack from playing quarterback in the NFL, and me from accidentally knocking into Bill Bennett.

And finally:

...Jack and I share something else in common: We both used to be the next vice president of the United States....

Ryan re-iterated his theme of  'subsidiarity'--which is excellent.

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