Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Don't Like Being Lisa Jackson? No Problem!!

Seems like the Big Kahoona of EPA prefers to go anonymous when emailing.

...the head of one of the most active and heavy-handed regulatory agencies in the federal government does a bunch of her business with colleagues on an e-mail address, that while it’s a .gov address, has no obvious connection to the EPA administrator herself.

She's "Richard Windsor" in her alternate life.

...Chris Horner, author of “The Liberal War on Transparency,” who discovered the alias e-mail, said the government acknowledged last week there are 12,000 “Richard Windsor” e-mails addressing the war on coal, cap-and-trade issues, global warming regulation and other issues of public import. Competitive Enterprise Institute sued for access to the e-mails, and the administration will have to release them, several thousand per month, starting in January, Horner said.

Prolific little anonymous, eh?

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