Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Buffett, Senile?

Warren Buffett may be ultra-rich.  But he's also ultra-confused.

...Buffett was a signatory of an open letter released Tuesday that called for a lower starting point for the tax and a higher taxation rate, beginning at 45 percent.

"We believe it is right to have a significant tax on large estates when they are passed on to the next generation. We believe it is right morally and economically, and that an estate tax promotes democracy by slowing the concentration of wealth and power," the 33 signers wrote in the letter released by the campaign, United for a Fair Economy.

Of course, "democracy" has nothing to do with wealth or poverty.  And the USA is not a "democracy," it's a republic, because the Founders weren't fool enough to establish a "democracy."

Seems like Category Errors is a required course for Socialists.

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Saint Revolution said...

This is what happens when you start hanging with Bill Gates and Ted Turner and you actually start believing the legend people have whispered you are.

What the hell happened to Buffet?!

He actually used to resemble his "down home" conservative Nebraska roots.

Aaaauuuuugggghhh...give away most of your fortune in your old age so to maximize your unrealized non-taxable income/assets so to minimize your tax payments and shift your tax burden to single middle class taxpayers and eventually you start regretting the decision and miss staring at those piles of cash.

...I guess.

Buffet needs to seek out Boone Pickens and get a good ol' fashioned Texas "come to Jesus" re-awakening.

Boone believes in a natural gas that DOESN'T stink.